Press and Speaking 

At Empress Health and Wellness we believe in collaborating with different organizations such RYU to bring you monthly seminar series which include: Making The Switch – Creating Conversation, Creating Community.

Here at Empress Health and Wellness; our practitioner enjoys speaking to companies, organizations and groups that are interested in the overall benefits of health and wellness towards positive changes. We are passionate about discussing strategies to improve the over health and performance of individuals which includes performances of employees or speaking to the needs of a specific group of people. At Empress we tailor topics to the needs of the audience

Our approach is often described as light hearted and conversational. We are relatable and are equally comfortable speaking in front of large groups or more intimate audience. 

Our practitioners collectively, have taught many courses for and to groups of doctors and health care practitioners on biological medicine, psychosomatic energetics, beauty from the inside out, aesthetic medicine, what to expect during birth, nutrition for body types, fat loss and much more. 

Some of what makes us unique include: 

1. Our ability to tailor topics to the specific needs of the audience

2. Our ability to provide concrete guidance and specific actions that individuals can put into practice immediately to see changes/ results

3. Our strong evidence based and science background and ability to draw on this to provide support to our approach to health and wellness

Some of the recent topics that we have spoken about:

  • Stress Management in the Work Place

  • Aromatherapy: Essential Oils for Health and Wellness

  • Holistic Nutrition

  • Nutrition for Your Body Type: Beyond Calorie Counting

  • Holistic Approach for the Cold and Flu Season

  • Recipe for Success for Athletic Performance and Your Athletic Patients

  • Musculoskeletal Health: Remedies for Injuries and Prevention

  • Clear Skin + Luvos: Workshop

  • Alkalizing 101 Workshop

  •  Rubimed Therapist Training Level 1 

  •  Rubimed Therapist Training Level 2

  • Anti-Doing: Guidelines for BC Bodybuilding


Empress Health and Wellness have spoken to, lectured for and or been seen on:

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If you are interested in having Empress Health and Wellness speak at your next event please email us at: