Corporate Wellness

 Health and wellness has become necessary to create a healthy work life balance. Many employers are recognizing how employee health and wellness plays an important role in overall productivity and engagement. Often corporate wellness strategies focus on initiatives related to fitness such as gym memberships and fitness classes but neglect to focus on nutrition and health wellness, which is one of, if not the biggest challenges influencing the health and productivity of employees.

We have an extensive and evolving selection of Lunch and Learns which utilize the collective knowledge of our team. Delivered by one or more of our healthcare practitioners, our inspiring and refreshing seminars are geared to motivate your employees to make positive healthy lifestyle changes. We provide Lunch and Learns at no cost and allow your employees to learn more about health and wellness in a relaxed atmosphere.

Select from our list of Corporate Wellness topics or work with Empress Health and Wellness Centre to customize your own! Each Session will be 60-75 minutes in length including time for a 30-45 minute presentation, Q&A, and hands on component.

Your program may consist of a series of quarterly initiatives with incentives for employee attendance. Participants can attend multiple lectures, which will build off one another yet if an employee is only able to attend one, they will be able to catch on to the core concepts presented. Participants will learn a minimum of 3-4 take-home messages at each lunch and learn.

Pricing is based on detailed quote from initial discussion, package discounts may be applicable. Contact us today for your customized program!

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Nutrition Related Presentations:

  1. Emotional Eating. Understanding the connection between food and mood.

  2. No More Dieting. Change the way you think about food and exercise.

  3. Eating more fruits and vegetables: It’s ok to add them to your diet!

  4. Intuitive Eating.  You don’t have to give up the foods you love to maintain a healthy weight.

  5. Eating Healthy on a Budget

  6. Top 5 Nutritional Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them

  7. Dining Out 101: Making smart choices away from home

  8. Grocery Shopping for Your Health

  9. Raising Healthy Kids in a Fast Food World

  10. Explaining Diet Programs: The pros and cons

  11. Decoding Food Labels

  12. The Vegetarian Way: Healthy plant-based eating

  13. Nutrition 101:  Where to start with healthy eating.

  14. Nutrition 102:  How to take your healthy eating to the next level.

  15. Portion Control & Weight Management

  16. Mastering the Slow Cooker: How to Make Easy Healthy Dinners

  17. How to select the right supplements

  18. Building a Healthy Child: Dietary introductions for nutritious foods for your kids

Healthy Lifestyle Presentations:

  1. Stress Management 101

  2. 10 Weight Loss Myths You’ll Be Glad to Hear

  3. Aging with Grace & Vitality

  4. Life in the Fast Lane: How to maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

  5. Mindfulness and Meditation

  6. Commitment:  Why can’t I stay motivated to exercise and eat well?

  7. Demystifying Weight Loss- Make it Simple and Easy.

  8. Natural ways to prevent colds and flu

  9. Why it’s important to meditate at least 5-10 minutes 3 times per week!


  1. Medical precautions before travel

  2. Healthcare options for expatriates

  3. Private healthcare options

  4. Paediatric health

  5. Introduction to Naturopathic Medicine

  6. Acupuncture and it’s benefits

Psychological Health:

  1. Psychological health

  2. Stress management

  3. Stress in the Workplace

  4. Child Counselling options

  5. How Emotional Conflicts affect your health

  6. Emotional Conflicts in the Workplace!

Fitness and Exercise Related Presentations:

  1. How fitness and nutrition affect your hormones.

  2. Why All Women Should Lift Weights

  3. Home workouts that are functional and work!

  4. Losing weight with body-weighted workouts.

  5. Kettle bell Training (The theory and demonstrations).

  6. 5 Functional Training exercises necessary to do in the gym.

  7. How to train in the gym for your sport.

  8. Cardiovascular Training- how and why. 

  9. Top 10 exercises you are doing wrong in the gym

  10. How to do dynamic warm up and cool down to prevent injury and get more from your workout.

  11. Foam Rolling:  Your body will thank you!

  12. Fitness on the Fly: Strategies for Working Adults

  13. How do I design a workout program?

  14. Desk Fitness:  Core and Posture training for desk employees. 

  15. ABS-SOLUTELY CORE:  Top 50 bodyweight exercises recommended by Angela.  

  16. Exercise and diabetes

  17. Benefits of Acupuncture

  18. Post-surgery rehabilitation

  19. Chiropractic care – Benefits of Graston Therapy

  20. Pre/Post-natal massage

Custom Lunch and Learns:

Through our diverse team of healthcare practitioners we can create a custom Lunch and Learn topic for your organization. Our team includes: Doulas, Psychologists, Naturopathic Doctors, Chiropractors, Physiotherapists, Massage Therapists, Aromatherapists, Herbalists, and Nutritionist, .

The Introduction to Health Package

Includes your choice of ten Lunch & Learn sessions

Cost - $2,000 plus GST ($200 per session)

The Advanced Health Package

Includes your choice of six Lunch & Learn sessions

Cost - $1500 plus GST ($250 per session)

The Lifestyle Change Package

Includes your choice of six Lunch $ Learn sessions.

Includes a 6-week group program as a follow up.  The six -week program will entail fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle programming and accountability. 

Cost- $4000 plus GST

The Lunch and Learn “Taster”

Includes one session provided to your office at a reduced rate.  Cost- $150 plus GST

*  The prices do not include a lunch.  Healthy catering can be arranged if desired.

Our Lunch and Learns are designed to increase awareness in various health and wellness topics are we believe that our Lunch and Learn seminars will be a great benefit to your employees.

Call us today to find out how our Lunch and Learns can reward your employees, creating champions for your corporate wellness culture.