Clinical Counseling

Clinical counselling uses established mental health principles, values and techniques to aid you in achieving insight into existing challenges, gaining new skills and capacities, and earning emotional freedom from historical issues”.
— The BC Association of clinical counselling

Clinical Counselling allows the essential YOU beneath all the constructed layers to emerge and shine through a process of exploration, skill acquisition, emotional re-evaluation, emotional conflict resolution and knowledge attainment. This process constructs new beliefs about self, others and life, which in turn, allows new adaptive behaviors.

The therapeutic process begins by you sharing what brings you in to the change process at this moment in your life, and together we illuminate the contrast between where you find yourself and where you want to be. The themes that emerge from this exploration form the goals of therapy.  Therapy is a change process which offers opportunities for:

  • emotionally corrective experiences as the therapeutic alliance forms,

  • introspection to garner insights,

  • the practice of new skills resulting in new behaviour and increased competence,

  • the acquisition of knowledge to generate empowerment.

  • Deal with pain management & addiction

  • Reduce anxiety and deal with stress

  • Recover from depression

  • Work out relationship and family struggles

  • Come to terms with their sexuality

  • Cope with grief and loss

  • Navigate major life transitions

  • Sort out problems at work

  • Improve self-esteem

  • Resolve trauma and PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder)

  • Find more meaning and depth in their lives

  • Memory loss/ Alzheimer / Dementia 

  • Kinesiophobia/ Fear Avoidance Behaviour

  • Chronic Pain Disorders

  • Work with other issues

Our Commitment

At Empress Health and Wellness Centre, our clinical therapist is committed to providing quality therapeutic services focused on your needs. She bring a different background and approach to her practice which provides you with a number of options within our Health and Wellness centre that can be best tailored to your needs. She uses a variety of modalities and approaches to help get to the route of unresolved emotional conflicts and traumnas.

Empress Health Counselling

  • Why Therapy

  • What is Clinical Counselling

How We Help Couples

  • Couples

    • Intense

    • Deep Intimacy

    • Discernment Counselling

    • Therapeutic Separation

    • Conscious Uncoupling

  • Groups

    • The Lost Art of Nurturing and Cherishing

How We Help 1:1

  • Individual

    • Trauma Resolution

    • Deep Intimacy

    • Midlife Magnificence

    • Relapse Prevention

    • Relationship Readiness

    • Emotional Maturity