Nadya’s Areas of Expertise


There are endless benefits to being healthy and living a healthy lifestyle, from eliminating ailments and feeling stronger physically to increasing your emotional stability and looking your best.

Nutritionists will help you achieve your goal of the best health you can reward yourself with.–

 Providing professional, clear, science/fact based information– Tailored diets, meeting your specific needs, preferences and goals– Education on how to make a new lifestyle for yourself, instead of succumbing to a new ‘fad diet’– Help for managing your chronic diseases, including a guide through allergies and sensitivities

Eating Healthy is Easier with
Nadya Peche

Its time to start loving your food and your body


Nadya’s Services

Whether you have weight issues, diabetes, digestive problems, cardiovascular diseases or you just want to have better overall health, Nadya will provide you with services in line with your specific body needs.

The success of Nadya’s clients can be mainly attributed to the educational  process that Nadya always focuses on.

1-on-1 Nutrition

1-on-1 Lifestyle


Additional Services

Mother-Daughter Program


 Since everybody is unique, Nadya has a very personal approach. Instead of putting you into a non-specific category like ‘weight-loss’ or ‘heart disease’, Nadya analyzes the symptoms of the nutritional imbalances that you are experiencing. She focuses on the root of the problem and addressed core nutritional deficiencies providing you with more than a ‘cover’ for all your symptoms. Nadya educates you about the foods and supplements that are most beneficial for you. The program also includes a personalized meal plan, supplement recommendations as well as on-going support from Nadya.

Three 1-hour sessions   $297

Six 1-hour sessions   $497

*Available in person and online