Natural Health Store- Nutritional and Professional Supplements


Nutritional and Professional supplements are recommended to address deficiencies, treat disease processes, and promote health. The benefits may include increased energy, enhanced immune function and general well being. Only professional products of guaranteed quality are available for purchase. At Empress Health and Wellness Centre, we carry a wide variety of professional grade supplements.

Some of the professional supplement companies available at Empress Health and Wellness Centre Natural Health Store include:

  • Biomed International Products Corp- Professional supplements, homeopathics, botanical tinctures , emotional health remedies

  • Biotic Research Canada- Professional supplements,

  • Seroyal- Professional supplements, homeopathics, botanical tinctures

  • BioLorenco- professional supplement, skincare, aromatherapy, essential oils, homeopathic

  • Douglas Labs/ Pure Encapsulation

  • Pekana

  • Boiron

  • Pascoe

  • Herbasante

  • Homeccan

  • Apex Energetics/ Physica Energetics

  • Cutting Edge Naturals

  • CanPrev Natural Health Products

  • Orange Naturals

  • Design for Health

  • Naturopathica- Professional and Holistic skin care products

  • Harmonic Arts

  • Canada Medical Equipment Supplies

The convenience of a natural dispensary and health store, makes it easier for our patients and clients to have access to high quality nutritional supplements.

With the high volume number and varieties of supplements on the market, it can be quite confusing and over-whelming for individuals to know which ones are best for them. Empress Health and Wellness Centre, has taken the time and effort to research and provide you with exceptional quality products. We are proud to provide superior-quality & science-based dietary supplements manufactured exclusively for healthcare professionals.

*The supplements are additional cost and are not included in your visits.