Goly Emam, MA, RCC- Registered Clinical Counsellor

Goly Emam, MA, RCC is a Registered Clinical Counsellor, Individual and Family Therapist, Hypnotherapist (c) and Life Coach (c).

Goly is passionate about the work she does with individuals and families as she feels it is her calling to be a healer. She also believes in continued inner-work and putting the theories into practice to grow as an individual. She feels deep compassion for the current state of families and human suffering and is compelled to pass along practices that have worked for her and many others whom she’s helped chose love over fear and tap into their deepest selves and emotions as guides to help them on their life’s journeys. 

Having worked with teens and their parents as a Clinical Counsellor for over a decade, she has discovered certain re-occurring themes and wisdoms about the parent-child bond as it progresses and evolves from childhood through the often turbulent time of adolescence, to adulthood and feels many families benefit from realizing they are not alone in their struggles and helps families return to their bond and playfulness as a gateway to gaining cooperation and mutual respect.

Goly receives ongoing positive feedback from the lives she’s touched which motivates her to continue this journey as a healer to help individuals and families become healthier and experience more harmony and to create environments where each person can live his/her soul’s purpose and feel loved and supported in doing so.

She believes in the importance of self-love and self-care as essential to loving and taking care of others. She helps parents understand this essential component of nurturing and parenting themselves in order to be emotionally present and nurture their children. She helps parents raise their awareness and heal from within, which can help their ability to raise spiritually aware and connected children. 

She is deeply concerned about the disconnect people can feel from their inner goodness, that Source energy of love that creates all that is, the Higher Self, the Love within, and sees it as a core issue sabotaging people’s lives. She helps her clients tap into this inner wisdom whenever outside stimuli triggers them and to use life’s challenges as gifts to learn and grow from.

Goly is a mom to three beautiful young souls and is married to her polar opposite in a partnership that is full of passion and daily challenges inviting her to learn and grow and see the gifts within each conflict and struggle. As a mom and a spouse who is walking the walk, she has a lot of love and compassion for other parents and couples. She is especially passionate about helping individuals heal their own inner wounds that often show up in their relationships. 

She is trained in Mindfulness and spiritual practices, trauma therapies, family systems therapy, Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT), Narrative Therapy, and attachment therapy.