The birth of your baby is a very precious time in your life, creating memories to last a lifetime. Our desire is to walk with you through that process and help make your birth experience and transition to parenthood as beautiful and satisfying as possible!




Congratulations for taking your birth into your own hands! Birth is a moment that you'll relive in your mind for the rest of your life. Your doula serves as a personal coach, a trail guide who lights the way during unexpected moments. When you feel supported and empowered about your birth you are able to relax and a relaxed body is able to birth naturally almost every time. Studies show that having a doula by your side increases your chances of having the birth you envision. Empress Health Doulas of Vancouver is proud to serve families in the lower mainland with highly trained and professional doula support. Whether you are planning a hospital birth, water birth, home birth, or scheduled cesarean, we provide judgment-free support and education. Services offered include Antepartum Support, Labor Support, Postpartum Care, Placenta Services & Breastfeeding support.

Labor Doula

Labor/birth doulas are labor support persons who attend to the emotional and physical comfort needs of laboring women. Doulas do not perform clinical tasks such as heart rate monitoring or vaginal exams but rather use massage, positioning and visualizations, to help labor to progress as comfortably as possible. A labor/birth doula joins a laboring woman either at her home, birth center, or hospital and remains with her until a few hours after the birth of her baby. Some doulas offer several prenatal visits, phone support, and postpartum meetings. The terms of a labor/birth doula’s responsibilities are decided between the doula and the family.

Following is a list of services provided in our Standard Birth Doula Package. Packages can be custom made, based on a family’s needs and desires.

- Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for phone support and consultation.

- On-call services 2 weeks before your due date until the time you give birth.

- Three prenatal visits, at least one hour in length, to discuss and plan for your birth. This typically includes a discussion of your hopes and expectations of your birthing experience, assistance with creating your birth plan, a baby care class, and a review of common challenges during postpartum. We will structure this time to meet your needs.

- Birth support beginning whenever you need it: in your home, at the hospital, or birth center.

- Continuous informational, emotional, and physical support from the time your labor begins until your baby is born. We can incorporate yoga, massage, aromatherpy, visualization, and expertise in movement during your labor.

- One to two hours of immediate postpartum support to assist with the initial transition and breastfeeding.

- Suggestions for helpful resources locally, on line, and at the library or book store, to aid you in making informed choices surrounding your pregnancy, birth, and parenting. This includes online and real life support groups and playgroups.

- One postpartum visit within one week of the birth in your home and one six week postpartum visit in our office.

In addition to emotional, physical and informational support, doulas typically act as advocates of their client’s wishes and may assist in communicating with medical staff to obtain information for the client to make informed decisions regarding medical procedures.

Packages varies from $1195.00 to $2500 (+GST)

Postpartum Doula

A postpartum doula is a professional, offering expertise and support to new moms and families as they welcome their new babies. A postpartum doula is not a nanny or a baby nurse. Postpartum doulas provide support after the baby is born. They have knowledge about postpartum recovery, breastfeeding, and newborn care. Their services vary depending on your needs, and might involve anything from a one-time visit for information and advice, to providing overnight care every night for a month. With a postpartum doula’s knowledge and guidance, making the transition into parenthood can be much smoother and satisfying. One postpartum visit is always included in our Standard Birth Doula Packages and Postpartum Doula Phone Support is ALWAYS FREE when you hire us to provide Birth Doula Services. Following you will find a list of the things included in our postpartum doula service.

- Care of Postpartum Mother
- Breastfeeding Support
- Basic Guide to Newborn Care
- Recognizing Postpartum Blues or Depression
- Cloth Diapering/Diapering Options
- Nutrition for Mom
- How to Manage Siblings
- Guide to Helpful Baby Products
- Babywearing Support
- Postpartum Yoga
- Guide to local Moms Groups

Packages are custom made, depending on the needs of a particular family. Fees vary from $25-$75 (+GST) per hour depending on services selected. Please call for more details.