Angela Ford-Reimche, M.Sc, PhD(c), CET

Angela is a Holistic Health Practitioner, Nutritional Consultant, Life Purpose Transformation Coach, Health & Wellness Coach, Energy Healer and Life Purpose Quest Workshop Facilitator (c). 

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After graduate school, she began to work in the natural health industry and realized a calling to make a difference in people's life through health and wellness. She, then, began to study biological medicine, pleo-morphism of organisms in the body and pursue an integrative health and energy healing practice. She strongly believes in helping the body heal from the inside out. That includes the “psyche”, “soma” and the physiological/ cellular matrix of the individual as a whole.

Using a combination of herbal and homeopathic remedies, nutrition, mind-body medicine and supplementation, she guides clients in being an agent of change in their own health. Angela has developed health programs designed for the purpose of bringing energetic balance, grounding and well-being back into people's daily living and using natural remedies for natural health and wellness. She passionately believes that you should be proactive with your health. She assist her clients and patients in restoring their health, spirituality and well-being. 

She received her Bachelors in Exercise Science and Masters of Science in Health and Kinesiology & Bio-mechanics from Purdue University. Angela is currently working on her doctorate in Nutrition with a focus on Sports Nutrition. She specializes in health, nutrition, life purpose coaching and energy healing with  balanced emotional, physical and spiritual health.

Angela is also a contest prep coach, who works with fitness and bodybuilding athletes and competitors to get them ready to step on stage. She addresses adrenal fatigue and burnout, proper water loading, healthier alternatives to dieting and prepping. She uses a very integrative approach to her training and coaching to help ensure that her patients/clients are healthy throughout their season and preparation for competition.

As an intuitive healer and holistic health care practitioner, she utilizes a variety of options and modalities to help her clients to find their hidden potential give them the necessary tools to develop and grow. Those tools include: Biological Medicine, Holistic Nutrition, Rubimed Therapy, Akashic Records: Soul Realignment Reading, Crystal Healing Therapy, Tuning Forks Therapy, Bowen Therapy, Energy Healing, Oracle Card Reading, Chakra & Aura Clearing and Balancing, Guided Meditations, Affirmations, Mindfulness and more.

She has also created "Uncover The Goddess Within: A 90 Day Empowered Living Transformation Program™" - a series of  7 important inner and outer body, belief and emotional detox, spiritual rejuvenation and re-balancing, removing inner blocks and rebuilding steps every woman and awakening goddess needs to emerge and embrace her reconnect with her true self-worth, reignite her life's passion & purpose and awaken as her BEST, 'on purpose' self. 

Over the years of studies, Angela has learned that the body heals as an integrated whole and not by individual/isolated means. When the body is viewed as three entities: body, mind, and spirit, greater healing can arise. This is a belief and philosophy Angela holds with high regards.

Treatment modalities

  • Rubimed Therapy (Psychosomatic Energetics: Emotional Trauma work)

  • Health and Wellness Coaching

  • Life Purpose Coaching

  • Weight-Loss and Body Transformation

  • Bowen Therapy

  • Botanical/herbal medicine

  • Clinical Nutrition: Sports

  • Crystal Healing Therapy (Energy work)

  • Sound Healing Therapy- Tuning Forks

  • Intuitive Reading and Healing

  • Lifestyle modification

  • Law of Attraction Coaching

  • Nutraceuticals/Supplements (e.g. vitamins, minerals, etc)

  • Homeopathy

  • Women’s Empowerment Workshops/ Retreats

  • Specialty Testing

    • Nutrigenomix

    • Heavy Metal Testing and Detox

    • Reba Testing

    • pH: Acid/ Alkaline Testing - Salivary and Urinary

    • Body Fat Composition/ Density Testing

    • Food Sensitivity Testing

    • Salivary Hormone Tests (Adrenals, female hormones, male hormones)

    • Organ Stress Testing + Supplement Testing

Angela is a certified Rubimed Therapist- Psychosomatic Energetics and is part of the International Society for Psychosomatic Energetics based in Switzerland as well as certified Biological Medicine practitioner. She is also one of the five Rubimed Therapy instructors in North America. 

In her spare time Angela competes in fitness and bodybuilding, she loves to read Jane Austen novels and spend time with her beautiful daughter Everly-Monae along with her caring, loving and supportive husband David Ford (world renowned Fitness and Sports photographer)-



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