Jody Toor MD - Health Consulate

Jody Toor, MD is the founder and CEO of Empress Health & Wellness Centre based out of Vancouver BC.

She's always embodied perspicacity, and through years of pivotal drive and education in the Medical field, she has earned the wisdom she's known for in medicine.

Her devotion to this quest has inspired her to pursuit of the rigorous training, education she underwent to understand what women need to stay healthy.

Jody's passion for women's health began with her personal experience with pregnancy struggles which had given her an insight into the painful and frustrating process of trying to conceive. Through this experience, she became determined to provide effective treatment options and education for women undergoing the same struggle. Jody has her MD from the USA and has been studying at University of British Columbia. She is a practicing doula, health coach, and health educator.

In her spare time Jody loves to travel and spend time with her beautiful family Jody has been blessed with her miracle child named Nya along with her caring, loving and suppotive husband Charn Toor. 


For Jody, women's health, education and practice are "labors of love."