Naomi Wolfman, GNC(C), NCA, BScN

Naomi began her nursing education as a mature student at Langara College in Vancouver, BC. She completed her studies at the University of Victoria, graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing. Through her studies, Naomi learned of encouraging new research in Continence Nursing, research meant to decrease symptoms, empower sufferers and return freedom to their lives. Some sufferers were people who seldom left their homes and others, when confronted with new surroundings, constantly worried about urgently locating a bathroom.

As a practicing ward nurse, Naomi became even more aware of otherwise vibrant people whose lifestyles were severely curtailed by unwanted leakage. Naomi set out to learn more and in 2009 pursued the post-secondary Nurse Continence Advisor Program at McMaster University. Fascinated by the detailed workings of the body and astonished by the challenges faced by the people living with incontinence, she was also encouraged to learn that most of these individuals could be helped.

As a bedside RN working in a hospital unit, Naomi found that her nursing career gave her the opportunity to observe, advise and teach new ways of dealing with incontinence issues. She heard first-hand about how incontinence-related worries crept gradually into people’s lives, robbing them of their spirit and dignity, as well as playing havoc with their daily routines. She became familiar with the frequently defeated attitudes of sufferers and with the myths surrounding incontinence. Through further education and training, which continue to enhance both her practice and her patients’ outcomes, Naomi also learned that incontinence status is preventable and can even bereversed. Inspired by knowledge and hope, she founded Embrace Continence Solutions Ltd.

To complement her nursing credentials and experience, she brings to Embrace:

  • Biofeedback: Naomi completed the Biofeedback Certification International Alliance (BCIA) neuromuscular training curriculum for Pelvic Floor Dysfunction and has now obtained board certification.
  • Pessary Training: In 2012 Naomi clinically trained in fitting, care and replacement of support and incontinence pessaries.

Membership in good standing:

  • BCNU (British Columbia Nurses Association)
  • CNCA (Canadian Nurse Continence Advisors Association)
  • ICS (International Continence Society)
  • SUNA (Society of Urological Nurses Association)